Bull-LEDs |7 LEDs set For Royal Enfield – Classic, Machismo, Standard


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Bull-LEDs | 7 LEDs set | Royal Enfield Classic Machismo

Set of 7 LEDS in a?pack for your RE models and other types of bikes


Bull-LEDs are direct replacement for below types of bulbs and no extra fitting required

Package Includes: 7 LEDs Refer table below for details.

Quantity LED. Emitting color & Base Type To be used
3 BA9s 5smd LED White 2 tiger lamps and 1 small LED inside headlight console
1 BA9s 5smd LED White


T10 5smd LED White

BA9s base type Speedometer light – RE models before 2012

T10 base type Speedometer light – RE 2012 model onwards

Buyers can mail or call us for model type after placing the order

2 BA9s single LED White Dashboard High Beam and Neutral Indicator
1 New intense BAY15D 27smd Tail LED White Tail/Brake light ? twin function

27SMD Improved tail lamp with 30% more intense than previous 18SMD version

We have successfully tested these on Classic 500/350 and other RE models. ?These bulbs don’t require any kind of adapters or extensions.

These bulbs would fit all kinds of 12V battery REs however it is advisable to check for your bike’s tail lamp bulb base before ordering.


  • Ultra Bright LEDs compared to previous versions
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • All the pilot LEDs emit white light

Benefits?of using Leds over?conventional?incandescent?bulbs:

  • Incandescent pilot bulbs emit low light but consume more power. These LEDs are as power as incandescent bulbs but consume 1/3rd of the power. That means you battery will have lesser load and the saved power can be used for more heavy work like for operating starter Motor.
  • Incandescent bulbs worn out quickly and have to be replaced regularly whereas LEDs have life span of 50,000 h on average
  • Incandescent bulbs produce heat and blacken the transparent plastic heads which reduces visibility gradually. Incandescent bulbs spend almost 10% to 40% of power to produce heat and rest for lighting .Heating is negligible in LEDs and not noticeable.
  • LEDs have ?fit it forget it? factor and do not require maintenance and last much longer. The surface SMD spotlights can give a prompt light response in microseconds, which can safeguard the drivers safety greatly. High ability of shock resistant; Brighter light; Low temperature. White lighting provides a high level of road safety at night driving.

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Some common queries

Q1: Why Turn signal indicator LED is not included?

That?s because the LEDs don?t blink correctly with stock flasher and requires specialized LED flasher.

It is better of left untouched.

Q2: Why don?t you sell Turn signal LEDs?

Turn signal LEDs require modifications is LED flasher else they don?t blink correctly.

We will introduce Turn signals consoles complete with LED flasher in near future.

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